We understand the fact that you can have vital data on your virtual or dedicated server, and for this reason we offer an optional backup upgrade you will be able to add at any time. While shared website hosting servers are backed up on a regular basis by all website hosting providers, this is not so for standalone machines, so if you don't keep a copy of your files on your pc, you risk losing important information if something goes wrong - deleting something accidentally or updating a script-driven program unsuccessfully, as an example. With our additional service, we will generate a backup of your data on an individual machine as to guantee that we shall have a good copy all the time and that we're able to restore everything just how it was before the predicament turned up. The optional upgrade will allow you to manage your content without having to worry about possible failures of any kind.

Weekly Backup in VPS Servers

You shall be able to include the backup service to your new VPS servers with just a couple of clicks and our system shall start creating a copy of all your content each week, so if you want any file or database to be restored, we'll be able to do this for you very quickly. When you wish to have backups right away, you can choose this feature during the VPS signup procedure. As an alternative, you can select the service anytime using your billing Control Panel and we shall begin generating backups immediately. Since the upgrade is renewable, you shall be able to choose if you would like to use it during the whole time you employ the virtual server or just during particular months - after and before a major upgrade of your websites, for example. In this way you won't need to worry that something may go wrong and you could lose your information. The backups are also a part of our Managed Services bundle, which you can include to your virtual private server and make use of numerous admin services that we provide.

Weekly Backup in Dedicated Servers

We offer weekly backups for every single dedicated server, so whatever OS or hosting Control Panel you select or what content you upload, you can easliy keep a copy of your info on a separate machine and restore it any time you require it. The upgrade grant you 50 gigabytes of disk space which you can use and you can obtain it whenever you want with a few clicks. If you want to have backups right away, for example, you could get the service along with the dedicated web server, while if you need it afterwards, you can add it to your package deal through the billing area. Even though all hardware parts are reviewed thoroughly, a software problem may surface at any time, so using our backup service shall give you more security, particularly if you have important information on the web server. You could employ this service as an element of our Managed Services package deal as well together with a number of other hosting server management services which will make the management of your dedicated hosting server much easier.